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Sleep Services

Our Mission: Test, Treat, Manage

Diagnostic Services

The recent pandemic has had a lasting effect on many sleep services, having added to and exacerbated diagnostic waiting times. It is difficult to catch up with a backlog without additional resources being made available specifically to address the issue.

In some cases, additional equpiment is purchased, but in the absence of enough qualified staff to manage the additional resource, this expansion in equipment inventory will not be enough to make significant improvements.

S-Med recognises these challenges and can provide support to your diagnostic service in a number of ways. We can:

  • Provide an off-site analysis service if you have the equipment but not the staff


  • Place equipment in the department on a per-study basis if you have the staff but not the equipment

  • Provide a full domiciliary polygraphy service direct to your patients, using Somnomedics equipment and our team of physiologists.

We appreciate that many different combinations of these challenges exist, and indeed are frequently changing within a department. We can offer a fully flexible solution to any challenge, which can be amended should the challenge change in any way, such as un enexpected staff shortage due to illness. Our patient portal provides a secure and ultra-convenient data management and reporting solution. The portal also allows full tracking of the status of all requests, with auto-notification of study completion.

Therapy Services

S-Med are well known in the UK sleep and neurophysiology markets for over two decades, having built relationships with most of the leading services in the country. Having entered the diagnostic services market relatively recently, we are very happy to expand our services to include a full, customisable CPAP Service.

SOS Oxygene is a leading provider of sleep and respiratory services throughout Europe and the Far East. S-Med can now provide PAP equipment, masks, and accessories from all leading manufacturers, managed using a single unified world-leading patient portal. We cater for Sleep Diagnostic, CPAP and NIV services of all sizes, bringing a previously unheard of improvement in efficiency and reliability.

We recognise the diverse challenges facing sleep services throughout the UK. We understand there is no one-size-fits-all solution we can offer to our colleagues in sleep departments. The team at S-Med can work as an extension of your department in the way that works best to solve your service delivery challenges. Our service is fully and transparently customisable to your needs.

We will provide solutions to the particular service bottlenecks you are forced to manage with insufficient resources. This can range from provision of our patient portal to improve efficiencies with the department, to the management of the logistical side of the service, for instance distribution of replacement masks and consumables direct to the patient, thus freeing up valuable clinical time within the department. Our fully qualified and experienced clinical team can be used in partnership with your own clinical staff, to provide solutions to clinical bottlenecks, whether diagnostic, therapy, or both. We also provide training and support as required.

  • Multivendor - choice of CPAP/NIV

  • Single unified Patient Management Portal with compliance data always visible

  • Clinical team - patient setup and/or long term patient management

  • Consumables Management

  • Patient Helpline

  • Customisable - partnership/expansion of current services

  • Cost effective

Please contact us to discuss CPAP Services

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Cough Assist Services

We can provide the BiWaze Cough System to your department in the way that suits you and your patients best. We can, for example, place consignment stock within your department to be issued on discharge. Alternatively, we can provide a full rental service, a consumables management service, or any combination that delivers the optimal outcomes for your patients and your department.

Please contact us to arrange a demo of BiWaze

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The Patient Portal

The portal communicates at the raw data level with the cloud server of each manufacturer. This eliminates the need to provide compliance downloads for review, especially helpful during clinic follow up. Compliance data is essentially live and available at all times.

All patient data including the prescription and any special instructions are entered in the patient data tab. The serial number of the device, together with details of the mask used are always visible on the patienmt home screen. Patient history tracked and visible using extensive Notes capability.

The patient summary page presents an overview of compliance. This screen shows last week/month/6 month compliance with AHI and average usage. The highly customisable filtering allows fast identification of the relevant patient cohort, and a fully customisable alerting system with email notification (optional) is fully embedded within the portal.

Please contact us for a demo of our new Patient Portal

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Cough Assist
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