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Comfort OxyRing

The Comfort OxyRing is a CE marked pulse oximeter ring that can be worn comfortably day and night as a continuous blood oxygen and heart rate monitor for up to 10 hours.

The signals the ComfortOxyRing capture include:

-- Oxygen saturation (%) 1/beat

-- Heart rate (bmp), 1/beat

-- Finger plethysmography (100/s) to detect autonomic arousals as a reason for sleep disturbances

-- Position and Actigraphy (1/s) to determine sleep-wake and time in bed (TIB)

Additionally, studies show that the Comfort OxyRing is a more accurate and reliable pulse oximeter when used on dark pigmented skin, people with poor circulation, and especially due to nail polish covering your nail bed.


The data collected is transmitted to the cloud via a bluetooth device. 

S-Med can provide short and long-term monitoring, reporting and alerting solutions. Please contact us for details using the form below.

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