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Somnotouch Resp

The SOMNOtouch RESP is the latest generation of polygraphy device from SOMNOmedics. The SOMNOtouch impresses with its high resolution touch screen and sensors that are built into the main unit. Expandable to any desired level of complexity thanks to the ability to add a wide range of sensors - or combination of sensors - to expand it's native 11 channel capability via 2 AUX inputs allowing the addition of measurements such as PLMs, ECG, EEG, EOG, EMG, and Bruxism. All achieved while delivering the highest level of comfort for the patient during the study.


Somnotouch Resp Eco

The SOMNOtouch RESP eco joins the SOMNOtouch family of products and is positioned primarily at the doctor who only requires a simple sleep screening device.
Responding to the growing demand for low cost home sleep devices – the SOMNOtouch RESP eco epitomises the term “less is more“ - with 11 channels not including one of two optional sensors: abdomen effort or bruxism. Using intelligent connect and a combined data and charging USB cable it is exceptionally easy to set up and use.


Somnotouch Paediatric

The SOMNOtouch Resp is the smallest, lightest and most powerful limited channel sleep diagnostic system on the market today making it perfect for use within the paediatric field.

The Paediatric Sleep market has grown rapidly in recent years and  we have designed a range of paediatric products, sensors and consumables to suit the requirements for all ages.
Somnomedics offer a Home Sleep Video Camera which can record high quality, synchronised digital video together with the physiological data of the SOMNOtouch which can easily be setup at home.

Visit our Resources page to view instructional videos and download brochures

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