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We are a leader in the supply of sleep, respiratory, and cardiovascular equipment and services to the NHS, universities, and private institutions.

Our S-Med at Home brand brings these products and services direct to our clients.

The COVID pandemic has acccelerated the need for the provision of domiciliary services, and during the pandemic, remote consultation has become the norm in many specialities.

Our domiciliary services are provided to the highest clinical standards. We offer the same level and quality of services direct to our at-home clients as we do to our NHS customers.

Please find links below to acccess our specialist websites in the specialities of insomnia diagnosis and management, obstructive sleep apnoea diagnosis and management, and real time oximetry measurement for both healthcare and fitness applications.

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We provide remote services to our clients having to live with insomnia. We focus on accurate diagnosis using standard protocols.


We provide personalised CBTI instruction and support to those clients who can benefit from the therapy. This is usually be a short term course of CBTI, but extended support is available if necessary to optimise treatment.

We can provide home testing for insomnia using the SOMNOMedics home sleep test device to obtain additional clinical information.

We deliver domiciliary sleep studies for the investigation of obstructive sleep apnoea. These tests are provided for both NHS and private patients.

We also provide therapy support for CPAP patients.

Our OSA service is fully end to end for our private patients including diagnostics using SOMNOMedics equipment, full medical and scientific clinical support throughout the whole of tghe pathway. For details are available at our sister site


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We supply oximetry equipment to clients needing accurate continuous measurement of blood oxygen levels - oximetry or SpO2. This may be because of concerns about COVID infection or long-COVID worries.

Accurate SpO2 measurements can be useful in other chronic conditions that require monitoring such as COPD, or for patients requiring non-inasive ventilation for a range of conditions.

It is also very useful for serious sportspeople to gauge fitness and endurance levels. Details at