SOMNOscreen RC Paediatric

The SOMNOscreen is designed for all ages, we have a wide range of paediatric sensors and consumables.

The SOMNOscreen RC is designed for simplicity, easy to use from start to finish, with up to 21 channels available the RC can record parameters such as:

  • Flow (Cannula &/or Thermistor)

  • Snore (Cannula &/or Mic)

  • Thoracic Effort (RIP Option)

  • Abdominal Effort (RIP Option)

  • Spo2

  • Plethysmogram

  • Pulse Rate

  • ECG

  • Obstruction

  • CPAP/BiPAP Pressure

  • PLM

The SOMNOscreen RC is designed for simple application in mind & is primarily designed for ambulatory recordings at home, individually colour & key coded sensors makes connectivity a breeze. 
Fully automated scoring within the Domino software makes light work of detecting all Respiratory associated events which can be manually edited. The SOMNOscreen RC can be upgraded at any time.
To compliment home studies Somnomedics have developed a Home Sleep Video Camera which can record high quality, synchronised digital video together with the physiological data of the SOMNOscreem which can easily be setup by the parent/guardian of the patient at home.