SOMNOscreen PSG - 'Tried & Tested'

The SOMNOscreen PSG is designed to be used ambulatory in the home or as a full online Laboratory PSG system with digital video.

The SOMNOscreen PSG has up to 58 channels. It offers flexibility in diagnostics, provides an easy switch between the standard of Rechtschaffen & Kales, AASM standard, Paediatric or for specific configurations.

The SOMNOscreen PSG is upgradeable at any time from ambulatory screening to full PSG’s, as well as a complete EEG 32-channel system, the SOMNOscreen PSG is packed with unique features such as:

  • AASM Compliant

  • Wireless (Bi-Directional) Online Data

  • Systolic & Diastolic Blood Pressure

  • Fully synchronised High-quality Video (Mpeg4 Compression)

  • High-Sampling rates up to 2kHz

  • Extended battery option offering up to 5 days continuous recording

The SOMNOscreen plus PSG has built-in Bluetooth wireless technology giving your patient the freedom to move, the digital video camera has a built-in infra-red light source, microphone and speaker for two-way communication, it also has a Bluetooth data receiver to stream the live video and RAW physiological data back to the monitoring PC.

The data is always stored on a robust high-speed compact flash card (with up to 2 GB capacity for 100 hours PSG) for recording regardless of the wireless option giving you peace of mind that your data will always be recorded.