SOMNO HD - 'Cutting Edge Polysomnography'

One-third smaller than the SOMNOscreen, the new SOMNO HD provides excellent signal quality with a resolution of up to 4 kHz sampling rate per channel with up to 70 channels & 20 hours of recording duration, reduced number of cables thanks to built-in sensors for improved patient comfort.

The  high-resolution touch screen allows easy and intuitive operation. In addition, signal and impedance monitoring can be carried out directly on the display at the bedside.
Intelligent Connect

The new Intelligent Connect technology simplifies handling in the sleep laboratory by automatically self-detecting the type of sensor connected.

Intelligent Connect also allows arbitrary slots for sensors making it simple to change or add sensors during recordings.

Measurements can be started directly on the device - simply connect the required sensors and start measuring.

Integrated sensors

To reduce the number of cables to the patient, the RIP sensor for Abdominal Effort and the Pressure Sensor are intergrated into the base unit. An innovative lateral sliding connection keeps the RIP Effort Belt securely on the device.

To prevent accidental disconnection of the sensors during the night, the sensor connectors are reversed so that the sensor cables are tucked neatly behind the unit.

Excellent signal quality

Sampling rate: up to 4 kHz / channel

EXG channels with 24 bit resolution

Low Noise Technology for noise reduction

Continuous impedance control during measurement

Docking station for easy handling

The SOMNO HD is charged via the docking station, firmware updates are also uploaded this way ensuring that your device is always up to date.

The SOMNO HD continues to use SOMNOmedics Bluetooth wireless data transfer in real time to the PC or Tablet. Additionally, measurement data is saved to internal memory and can be transferred after the measurement is finished via the docking station, preventing any potential loss of data.