The new SOMNOtouch RESP is the latest generation of polygraphy from SOMNOmedics. Currently the smallest screener available, the SOMNOtouch impresses with its high resolution touch screen and sensors that are built into the main unit offering easy application as well as providing the highest comfort for the patient during measurements. Cardiorespiratory screening in the size of a credit card.
The size and weight of the SOMNOtouch Resp offers for the first time a solution to Paediatric Screening, a full range of paediatric sensors are available.



Miniaturized Screener

10 channels integrated into main unit:

Pressure / Flow, Snore

Effort Thorax & Abdomen

SpO2, Pulse rate

Body position

Movement (Sleep Wake Determination)

CPAP- /BiPAP-Pressure

Additionally up to 8 external channels can be connected to the SOMNOtouch with the two AUX-connectors, e.g. PLM, ECG, EEG, EOG, EMG.