SOMNOscreen RC

The SOMNOscreen RC is designed for simplicity, easy to use from start to finish, with up to 21 channels available the RC can record parameters such as:

  • Flow (Cannula &/or Thermistor)

  • Snore (Cannula &/or Mic)

  • Thoracic Effort (RIP Option)

  • Abdominal Effort (RIP Option)

  • Spo2

  • Plethysmogram

  • Pulse Rate

  • ECG

  • Obstruction

  • CPAP/BiPAP Pressure

  • PLM

The SOMNOscreen RC is designed for simple application in mind & is primarily designed for ambulatory recordings at home, individually colour & key coded sensors makes connectivity a breeze. 

Fully automated scoring within the Domino software makes light work of detecting all Respiratory associated events which can be manually edited. The SOMNOscreen RC can be upgraded at any time.