The SOMNOtouch RESP eco joins the SOMNOtouch family of products and is positioned primarily at the doctor who only requires a simple sleep screening device.
Responding to the growing demand for low cost home sleep devices – the SOMNOtouch RESP eco epitomises the term “less is more“ - with 11 channels not including one of two optional sensors: abdomen effort or bruxism. Using intelligent connect and a combined data and charging USB cable it is exceptionally easy to set up and use.

Diagnose better with SOMNOtouch RESP eco:

  • Correlation between body position and respiratory events – to better differentiate between patients requiring positional training devices or CPAP therapy

  • Cheyne Stokes analysis in combination with pulse rate gives insight to cardiorespiratory health

  • Autonomic arousal detection on the plethysmogram enables you to score RERA‘s and define sleep fragmentation

  • Distinguish between AHI and RDI using the RERA‘s

  • Extensive CPAP pressure report – better define the ideal fixed pressure for your patients

  • Bruxism sensor (optional) – addressing the growing trend toward dental sleep medicine

  • Simple easy to use interface - Easy to use for both practitioner and patient

  • Quick start function – one standard montage

  • Pre-configured report for helpful data processing

  • Marker button to notify of interesting events