The SOMNOtouch PSG is the smallest fully AASM compliant Polysomnography device on the market today. In addition our Home Sleep Camera is a innovative solution for synchronous video in an ambulatory setting – especially where reimbursement demands a video e.g. for paediatric or adult ambulatory  polysomnography. With this, synchronous video may be required, but one can’t have online recording due to network or location restrictions.

  • 10 Channel Headbox with 6 EEG/EOG, Ground, Reference, Continuous Impedance, 1 EMG

  • Combined sensor for effort, 1 channel ECG, 2 EMG for PLM

  • Pressure (Flow & Snore)

  • Effort (Thorax / Abdomen)

  • SpO2, Pulse rate

  • Body position

  • Movement (Sleep / Wake Determination)

  • CPAP/BiPAP – Pressure

  • Up to 16 channels can be connected via the two open auxiliary connectors, e.g. PLM, ECG, EEG, EOG, EMG

Even though it’s hardly larger than a credit card, real-time data is displayed on the high-resolution touch screen. In addition, the measurement data can also be transferred to tablet and smartphone for a signal check. Extremely light weight, only 64g including the battery, yet very powerful. Integrated sensors and the built-in Li-Ion battery keep the running costs per measurement low.
The headbox for ambulatory sleep staging records 4 EEG, 2 EOG and 1 EMG. In addition, combination sensors can be used to record PLM and ECG in order to complete the signals required for polysomnography.

A Video camera is also available to complete the picture, this is known as our Home Sleep Camera, no wires, no laptops, no fuss, simply initialise together with the SOMNOotuch PSG and send home with the patient.
The Mobile camera includes:

  • Tripod, case

  • Power supply

  • Built in Infrared-illumination

  • Video resolution of 800 x 600 pixel, in the H.264 format

  • Audio

  • Record up to 90 hours of video.

  • It’s small in size (137 x 124 x 71 mm) and light at only 460 g.

  • The accuracy of the synchronization between recorded data and video is ± 1 second