Domino Software

As the user of a Somnomedics product, you will appreciate the Automatic Analysis and Reporting of the DOMINO Software with its ease of use, speed and flexibility.
The DOMINO Control Panel is the key to the Software. From here, all sections of the Software can be accessed, (from left to right: Measurement Initialisation, Data Transfer, Record Real-time Data and Analyse Studies, Montage-Editor, Global Settings, the optional Patient Database and Scheduler) with a single mouse click.
Immediately after Data Transfer and within 2-3 Minutes the recording is automatically analysed. Naturally, it is also possible at this time to manually edit and classify the study. The detected events are marked with colour-coded boxes in the Raw Data. Double clicking a point in the upper window takes you to the required time period in the Raw Data Window.
Interesting Events such as Min. SpO2, Max. SpO2, Max PTT increases, Max. PTT drops, Max HR increases, Max HR acceleration, Longest Apnoea, etc. are also automatically classified and displayed when the measurement is first opened.

The system provides a comfortable, quick and easy means of editing the recordings. All events are colour coded and displayed in the raw data view.

Automatic analysis of all standard signals including Apnoea/Hypopnoea calculation according to type and in correlation to Desaturations Brady/Tachycardia and Micro Arousals.

  • Snoring

  • PLM Detection

  • Micro arousal detection according to the ASDA Criteria

  • Brady/Tachycardia and Arrhythmia analysis

  • O2 Desaturations

  • Body Position

  • PTT Pulse Transit Time

  • Calculation of the Average Frequency Value (AFV)

  • Alpha & Beta and Delta Frequency Bands from the EEG

  • Sleep Staging Analysis with Sleep Profile

  • Display of the Sleep Staging Reliability

  • REM Detection and REM Density

New information is being developed including:

  • Sleep Fragmentation based on Micro Arousal and PTT Arousal Analysis

  • Flow Limitation - Obstruction Level Analysis

  • Systolic Blood Pressure: Display of the Systolic Blood Pressure Curve and automatic recognition and correlation of fluctuative pressure changes

  • Heart Rate Variability

  • FFT Module for the sequential analysis of the raw data

  • Compare various Sleep Profiles with indication of variability Software Features


  • The data can be re-analysed anytime


  • The data can be archived to CD or DVD or Network Server

Report Generator:

  • It is possible to design different reports for different types of studies

Form Letters:

  • To make reporting and documentation easier

Patient Data Management (Option):

  • A powerful Patient Database is available for the efficient organisation of all patient data

  • The Sleep Profile, Graphic results summary and the complete numerical results list are stored

  • The database can produce Trend Reports comparing different tests done on the same patient. The data is stored in the database even after the case has been archived and deleted from the computer.

  • The database is network compatible with a permanent patient list. A search engine is provided to help locate Patient data

  • Calendar with Scheduler

Open Architecture:
All results and reports can be exported to MS Excel and SPSS. Raw Data can be exported to EDF+ and ASCII format. EDF+ files can be imported into the software. It is also possible to integrate the data from the database into your existing Practice Management Software.